Friday, July 3, 2009

A new housey, a new home.

This is not our new housey-home. It is Brad and Kendra's housey-home home from Appartment Therapy.
It may serve as inspiration, however.

Last weekend I moved house again. AGAIN. Yep, it was a real crap time and I really thought I would dearly, dearly miss our old cottage with all its charming olde worldy charm. But then I cooked my first meal in the kitchen of the new house. At the first lighting of the gas stove I knew it was love sweet love. I literally felt a little weightless and dizzy in the head when the onions started sizzling instantaneously. Like, the moment they hit the pan, which was only a moment after I lit the stove. And when I roasted pumpkin in the oven and the underside didn't burn, all sentimental memories of the whitewashed house of my past evaporated. Then there was the dishwasher. And the bench space. The metres and metres of bench space. And the ducted gas heating. And the never ending hot water. And the 'secret garden'-style ivy fenced courtyard which our huge huge bedroom opens out onto, and its little stone barbecue. And the garden. And the birch trees. And the front deck the size of an olympic swimming pool.


There is one small problem though. Our huge bedroom with the massive windows and secret garden-style courtyard has a flaw: a dusty, earthy red feature wall, reminiscent of Uluru or slightly congealed blood. If you knew me (which, let's be honest, you probably do), you'd know that dusty, earthy red isn't exactly the shade of my aura. Or a shade I would ordinarily associate myself with, or even like in any particular way, let alone allow to DOMINATE my bedroom. Even if, by virtue of my red hair, my season is supposedly 'Autumn'.

So, friends, some adjustment has to be made. I have to change the delicate shades of my decor to compete with this harsh colour of the earth. Or slightly rotting Autumn leaves. I realise that this comes across as a very very 'first world' problem. Ooh, poor Julia has to deal with a colour which does not complement her aura nor her bedsheets. Sad face. Which it is. Obviously. But the whole point of this post is to simply say, I now have a project, a channel for my creativity, something to daydream about while at work, and all kinds of fun DIY ideas to share. So watch this space, babies, because we gonna be giving that terracotta sheep's blood red wall a real slap in its obnoxious ruddy face.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

I also hope, even if you're just here from the hype machine, you enjoy embroidery and lamp shade ornamentation.

Maybe I should start a new blog. Am I getting off topic?

Any idea, perchance, what the 'topic' is, anyway?

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