Monday, July 20, 2009

Winter; just say no!

I hate winter. Yuck. Yucky. OUCH! MY FINGERS ARE FROZEN! Why is there a hole in my sock? BECAUSE WINTER CRITTERS HAVE MADE IT THEIR HOME! Yuck, ouch, i hate winter.

Today it was still light at 5.45pm. I was so excited i started making a fun times summer play list which i imagine i will dance and sing and drink to all summer long. Mmm, hot stuff.

No playlist is ever complete without a number of hilarious, (un)related pictures. I love you summertime dancers!

Ahh, the old sexually ambiguous music person. I think i see boob... Suggestions? I think this photo can have my favourite summertime swooner Jens Lekman.

mp3: Jens Lekman: A Sweet Summers Night on Hammer Hill

Oh! Look at that grass go! I'm dreaming about summertime picnics, summertime crushes, summertime pimms with friends, and that sweet, sweet smell of the afternoon summertime breeze before a violent summertime storm. Mmm, delicious! As is this summertime gem. Play it at picnics on hot days or durring pretend summertime picnics inside.

mp3: Toquinho - Carolina Carol Bela (i found this song via the ever wonderful Motel De Moka)

Oh! What a fantastic summertime moon! According to this website (where the picture was taken from and gosh darn there are some lovely photo's there!), you can only see this sort of moon in the summertime. Not sure i believe that, but golly if it was summer it would be great to howl at!

Hhhhhhhhooooowwwweeeeelllllllllll! (i love Edward Cullen, not Jacob so much).

mp3: La Roux- Tigerlily (yes, i am still infatuated with their catchy, repetitive tunes).

Oh my god. Summer = nudity. Hells yeah! In my winter melancholy i almost forgot! Also, this summertime hottie is wearing a winter, sock eating critter as a hat.

Oh wait! She is startled! Why is she startled? AH! She's startled because she forgot how hot you look naked in summer. Mmmm.

I could do naughty things listening to this song, though only in summer...

mp3: Voxtrot - The Start of Something

Somewhere on an awesome street; it's summer...

Sister 1: Oh sis, i look so whack right now. Check it out; i'm doing the cheeky turkey!
Sister 2: Lady, shut up. Just shut up. My funky chicken kicks your cheeky turkey's arse.
Sister 1: Mmm, hmm. You ain't got no whistle, i've got a whistle, that's how cheeky my turkey is.
Sister 2: Oh biatch, don't go there.
Sister 1: Dude, you're sucking on a dummy.

This NEVER would have happened in winter.

mp3: Envelopes - Sister in Love

I would like to conclude this post with winter sucks, summer is awesome. Though, Vanessa did just remind me that i complain all summer about the heat. Well, to that i reply; WE SHALL SEE VANESSA, WE SHALL SEE!



Jaimie said...

MP3 links have been fixed.

Yes, i'm mildly retarded...

Anonymous said...

I think ambiguous music person might be a mannequin, perhaps?