Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little Paper Planes

ZOMG. This is my second post in a week! What is this craziness?? I can't explain it, I just have the spirit in me. Oh Lordy, it's the blogging spirit!

This post is rather image heavy (as was the last), but I couldn't resist sharing some of my favourite prints from Little Paper Planes, a great online store. This is only an extremely small fraction of the artwork they have on their site, there are hundreds of works and artists to choose from and because they are mostly all works on paper they are a reasonably affordable way to buy original artwork. I however do not have any money at the moment so I can't purchase any of these delights, but when I do...oh, then the fun begins! They also sell zines, books, cards and clothing as well as artworks, so check it out and go crazy! As crazy as a blogger who posts twice in one week (so probably not that crazy...).

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