Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fresh is most certainly the best

Hello chickens! Sorry I have been so neglectful recently, not that I am not always neglectful, but sometimes I like to apologise for it.

Just wanted to share with you a delightful trip I made to the Canberra Farmers Market this morning. It was quite an adventure, somehow I managed to get up before 9.00am on a Saturday morning! Now most of you probably already know about the Farmers Market and go every week so this won't be news to you. But, if you're anything like me you have probably meant to go every week, then slept in. The markets are only open until 11am and it is Saturday morning after all! For many, many weeks (months actually...) I have had the intention of going and it is only today that I have finally made it. The secret to getting up early, I have discovered, is to organise a friend to go with you (thank you George!). Then you'll feel guilty if you stand them up by sleeping in like the lazy soul you are (or I am, I didn't mean to imply that you guys were lazy).

Anyway, it was totally worth getting up. The markets were bustling with people eager to get a bargain on their fresh produce and sometimes it was a bit of a tussle to the tomatoes and a push and a shove to the potatoes. All part of the fun I thought and completely worth it when everything is so cheap and so fresh. I got home and all I wanted to do was cook! Needless to say I didn't.

I've included some pictures of the goodies I bought as well. Partly so there was something to look at and partly so I could play with Poladroid. I thought it pointless at first, but now I kind of dig it.

The Capital Region Farmers Markets are held every Saturday morning at Exhibition Park from 8 am to 11 am. Find out more here.

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