Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wearable joy

Rudd money, a well thought out and wise economic decision by the Australian government? Or a shameless excuse to spend money recklessly? I'll take the latter, thank you very much, Little Kev.

Part of my $900 handout I responsibly spent on the bond for my new house (!) and the rest I spent buying this amazing set of 4 stacked rings by iosselliani. iosselliani is an Italian company who make seriously beautiful jewelry. Roberta Paolucci and Paolo Giacomelli are the designers behind iosselliani, which began in 1997. They find influence for their designs in classical Italian jewelry and then rework those traditions into modern, exciting pieces of wearable art. I particularly like how in some of their pieces they contrast the traditional metalwork and precious stones with an unusual shape or a slightly edgier detail such as a snake or puma head. I love my rings so much already! They are each so individual that they can be worn on their own, all stacked together or in countless other combinations. Sorry to gush so much, but this is the most exciting purchase I have made in a long time and the only one I will be making for quiet some time I suspect, now that I'm moving out of home!

I bought my set of rings from pixie market, a great online shop that sells clothing as well as accessories in an affordable price range. But you can buy iosselliani jewellry from their own online store as well.

Image from pixie market. I would have modelled them myself, but unfortunately I have small child-like hands and nobody wants to see that.

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