Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Quirky Practices.

(Image found via Blue Ant Studio)

Unlike lucky Julia who is currently free as a bird, I am enslaved by my work and am being held hostage by 'the man'. Sure, it's my own doing, but it still kind of sucks. Working full time in an emotionally draining job, then having to come home and learn about how to do my job better (I'm doing honours in psych part time over the next two years) really takes it's toll. I've no time to do anything other than work and uni and it's not going to stop for another year and a half! Ugh!

So, my recent 'life dilemma' of being stuck in a perpetual state of stress has got me thinking... What lengths should people go to to achieve their 'life goals'?

My life goal is to run my own private psychology practice. It's going to be very highly regarded and it's approach to treatment will be ingenious.

One of my rooms will look something like this;

And because everyone is different and feels comfortable in different settings, I'll have another room that looks something like this;

My special therapy chair will look something like this;

And my practice will be full of quirky decorations (like the magazine table) to both look cool and to act as talking pieces.

When I publish my first critically acclaimed book, I'll dream about using this font;

So, my life consists of almost nothing else but psychological interventions for the next two years. Yes it's stressful, yes I'm boring to hang out with, and no I can't go out to have a drink with you tonight. But I'm cool with that, as long as I can keep working towards the idea of my brilliant practice.

(Excluding the first, all images found via the ever wonderful Apartment Therapy).

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Toddette said...

Good for you Jaimie! I’ll use the first room when I come for my therapy:)