Sunday, May 18, 2008

Procrastination: The Art Of.

Due to increasing pressure from a variety of sources (you know who you all are) I am posting. Also, I have this increasing fear that I am going to become the third brother of Hanson. You know, the one no one ever found hot and happily forgot like the plate of leftovers rotting in the back of your fridge (that reminds me, need to clean my fridge). I think his name was Boring, or Lacklustre. I can't quite remember, it's been so long since he did anything.

Considering I am currently meant to be writing an essay on Fred Williams and am obviously not, I thought I would share some of my favourite ways to procrastinate. I'm sure some of you will already use these tried and tested methods, but hopefully there will be a few you had not considered.

1. Facebook
So sad, but the bane of many a student's and worker's life. I am actually struggling to remember how I procrastinated before Facebook, I think MySpace held top position for awhile, but before that? Who knows, maybe I actually did work then. The worst part is when you are so determined not to study that you end up stalking people you don't know, will never meet and people whose lives you don't even find that interesting to begin with.

2. Drink tea
It is amazing how it can take thirty minutes to an hour to make that perfect cup of tea when one is meant to be doing something else.

3. Dressing up
This one could double up on my list of Favourite Things To Do Anytime. Now readers don't think I mean the kinky kind of dressing up. Huh, no way. That would be way more interesting than what I actually mean. Which is trying on my clothes to create weird and wacky outfits, that unfortunately I sometimes do wear outside of my room and my house. Much to the dismay of my mother and possibly my friends. Dressing up was one of favourite things to do as a kid and my sister and I had this kick arse dress up box (which in fact I still have and use quite a lot for parties). My Great Aunt ran a boarding school, so we had costumes from the plays the school put on as well as crazy masks. I guess there is a lot of nostalgia involved with my love of dressing up as well.

4. Watching the Disney Channel / TCM
Yeah...embarrassing. We only have a couple of Pay TV channels and these one's are my favourites and really quite excellent for procrastination as there is always something kind of good on during the day. Sometimes I forget this goes on the Internet and people actually read it. Shame.

5. Writing lists
In an effort to distract myself from how unorganised my essay and everything related to my Uni life is, I like to organise the rest of my life and that is through writing a lot of lists. 'Things to do' is a popular list title. Usually that list will consist of, '1. Essay, you procrastinating twat'. Other popular entries include; cleaning my room; sorting out my wardrobe, which seems to have slowly encompassed my entire room, my sister's room and the spare room; return those videotapes; sort out my life, generally. Needless to say none of these things ever get done.

One last thing, just want to share this pic from The Sartorialist, whom I love and is also great for procrastination.

This picture totally inspires me today, not for the actual outfit itself (although I desperately want those shoes), but for the complete confidence she has combining all the elements together and her strong use of colour, especially the flashes of red. I am not usually a fan of leopard print, but somehow it works here with the floral skirt. You may disagree, feel free to in fact. We love comments here at Number One Millionaire. Incidentally, this is a photo of Michelle Jank, the Australian designer who just launched her first collection in several years at Australian Fashion Week recently. She also has a lust worthy jewellery line which sells at the famous Colette boutique in Paris.

Til next month! And happy procrastinating.


Julia said...

not so convinced by the outfit, but i love the moss on the stairs in the background.
i also think it should be added to that list:
6. read Number One Millionaire!

Julia said...

oh, and incedentally, that third, boring, forgotten member of Hanson (presuming we're both talking about the old one, here) is the only member of the band who isn't married.

Vanessa said...

I was indeed talking about the older Hanson member, the one who looks like he's on drugs in the picture.

P - to the - ip said...

1. im so glad you called it pip's room and not the ironing room
2. methinks it is the 'bane' of ones existence, eh?
3. i am eating porridge
4. this comment better make you happy