Monday, May 19, 2008

Faces of Vegetable, Collectives of Animals and Cats Gone Wild...

Two of my lovers, Animal Collective and Ratatat have some new material buzzing happily around the music world.
Here are some highlights, accompanied by the magnificent work of Kahn & Selesnick from the Greenman series ( you MUST check them out. I really mean it this time).

A lot of really lame people have whinged that the new Animal Collective EP Water Curses is too much of a regression to be credible, and doesn't capture the innovation of Strawberry Jam and blah blahdy blah. To them I say, "balderdash!". This track is delicious. It represents everything I love about Animal Collective, and everything they were prior to the rather overated and mildly irritating Strawberry Jam. Pure joy.

Animal Collective - Water Curses

And, because you've all been so good, an extra special rarity:

Animal Collective - Little Girl (I Don't Need) (Live)

Ratatat are so fuckin' cool. Really, I can't find worlds cool enough to do them justice. The world 'cool' surely doesn't do it. Maybe 'boss'. I've heard that thrown around in hipster circles a bit lately. Anyway, whatever the new word for cool is, Ratatat embody it better than any other band out there right now. This is off their upcoming release LP3.

Ratatat - Shiller

All time fave:

Ratatat - Wildcat


Jaimie said...

Mildly irritating my arse. I freakin' love that album. Though i am also a big fan of the Water Curses EP.

Julia said...

okay, i'll admit, mildly iritating is something of an overstatment. it is quite okay, certainly overated though. better to overstate than understate though, dontcha think?

Anonymous said...

Animal Collective and Ratatat are two of your lovers?.... you saucy rake you.

Julia said...

why, thank you anonymous, I am something of a saucy 'rake' indeed. it's true that i do have love with both ratatat and animal collective. ratatat are better in bed and sometimes let me stroke their guitars but animal collective are a lot more fun and take me on ferris wheel rides. really, i could never choose just one.