Monday, May 12, 2008

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I'm not ordinarily so big on remixes. Perhaps it is because I am bombarded with the latest 'bangers' on a daily basis by a certain DJing gentlman friend of mine, or perhaps it's because, ultimately, most of them are just not all that fun. The Avalanches remix of I'm a Cuckoo and the Boyz Noise Remix of My Moon My Man have got to be my two all time favorite exceptions, and lately this very colourful El Guincho remix of AIH has seen me wiggling around in my desk chair like a hummingbird, if hummingbirds were to wiggle. It sounds hardly anything like the original, wherein (I think) lies the appeal.

Architecture In Helsinki - Like it or Not (El Guincho Remix)

I beleive this is off the upcoming Architecture in Helsinki Like it Or Not EP

Photograph by Jonathan West, from the beautiful Vice Fashion Shoot Higher than the Clouds

Man, I have been loving Dodos with all of my Pitchfork Best New Music stalking self lately. The percusion in particular on this piece is divine. Their whole new album Visiter is excellent. Beautifully organic and interesting, with crazy dramatic screamy bits interspersed with sparse folksy soundscapes. I love that kind of shit.

Dodos - The Season

Cartoon by Renee French

Not much to say about this one. I just really, like, love it. So joyus.

Yeasayer - Wait for the Summer

Visit/buy Yeasayer here.

Illustration by Henry Holiday from Lewis Carroll's wonderful The Hunting of the Snark

Man, Thee Oh Sees are like some totally crazy version of the B52s warped into the fifties, but actually from RIGHT NOW. They make me want to march really fast on the spot. Faster than physically possible.

Thee Oh Sees - Grease 2

Photograph by Jake Dow-Smith

This song just epitomises what alt. country/folk should be. Simple, melodic, deep. Best heard during a dusk that looks just like the image above.

Fleet Foxes - Mykonos

Visit/buy Fleet Foxes here.

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