Thursday, September 23, 2010


Photograph from rummey bears

Not quite mad crush Monday I'm afraid. Perhaps mundane Thursday?

Things to eat, do, make in spring, glorious spring:

Go to Floriade and ride the ferris wheel.

Spend as much time as possible by the lake, picnicking, bike riding, eating Brodburger and generally frolicking.

Buy and dye silk for scarves.

Eat endless combination of pea, mint, parmesan, asparagus and leek dishes with smoked trout .

Climb mountains.

Eat at Podfood.

Be a committed, reliable, effective veggie gardener. Decimate the harlequin bugs. Produce 10 varieties of heirloom tomato.

Pin giant flowers in a high bun on my head.

Spend a weekend at Little Pig Creek in the Kangaroo Valley. Go horse riding through the lush green countryside.

Paint with watercolours.

Listen to the new Deerhunter album, 'Halycon Digest'

Make salads from Casa Moro.

Lie on grass, look at trees/sky.

Prepare the house for dreaded summer. Not as easy as preparing for winter, but may involve careful placement of fans, installation of flyscreens, purchase of a child's paddling pool.

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