Monday, September 6, 2010

Mad Crush Monday: Cute boys. Period.

Paul, high school.

Ah, Mad Crush Monday. So many potentials, so much fun. Thank you for your suggestions lovely ladies. I was trying to find a way to incorporate all of your excellent suggestions, but then I found this great blog (aptly named Cute Boys Make Me Nervous) that sums what this weekly segment is all about: cute boys.

Eric, Arizona

Man, I love cute boys. Check it out. It's pretty fun. Actually, you know what, if you have pictures of cute boys, handsome men or general Mad Crush Monday mania, maybe you should send me their pictures. YES! Once a month I'll do a post on REAL MAD CRUSH MONDAYS!!!! Oh! It's going to be brilliant! Send photo's to I'll take photo's when I'm out and about too. This is going to be so much fun.

PS- I'll also give points for cute boy photo related alliteration. Now that would be a fun overload!