Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh you pretty things!

Short Stop being a bad ass jammer

As you probably know, I entered into the wonderful world of roller derby about six months ago. I adore it. It really is the greatest sport ever. Anyway, it was rolling along smashingly (heh, see what I did there?) until I twisted my ankle, put my skates back on too early and then dislocated my shoulder. Now I'm off skates for an unspecified amount of time, which unless you are also a derby all star, you can have no idea of the depression that I am currently experiencing.

Tuesday is a big training night in the world of Canberra Roller Derby League, so I thought it might be a good time to share with you some pretty pictures by an awesome lady, who I have a huge style crush on.

Posie La Threat, aka Beata English, aka Beez Images and Designs, took some amazing shots of Canberra's rep team Vice City Rollers this last weekend at the East Coast Smack Down. Go to her site and have a look. She's very talented and her blog is delightful. She specialises in child photography, and my goodness, she has captured some glorious little people.

Yep, you may have noticed that there is no Mad Crush Monday this week. That's because I've taken up podophilla.

Oh yes, bitch bought her self a pair of Melissa shoes by Vivienne Westwood!

Not really. But my new shoes are prettier than all my Mad Crush Monday potential candidates combined.

Sorry boys, this week you don't even come close.

Stay tuned for next week though when REAL LIFE MAD CRUSH MONDAY begins. CAN YOU TELL I'M EXCITED?! Keep sending me your photos and your stories!


Cindy Clawford
(aka Jaimie).


Toddette said...

You dislocated your shoulder!? Ouch.
ps next blog sounds good:)

Irene said...

Hey numberonemillionaire sweethearts, thought I'd drop by to let you know that I have a new blog! www.raiment-love.blogspot.com I love your blog and check regularly, it's the only thing (apart from my family and friends of course) that makes me miss canberra. Hope you're all fabulous!

Irene xo

Jaimie said...

You are so lovely! Super glad to see you have a new blog. I'll pop you on our list. Xx

Urbanita trying in the city said...

Oh nice ballerinas, what is the material, looks like kind of plastic?