Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mad Crush Monday: a history lesson with Phillip Oakey

I'm pretty sure the reason I love the video for "Together in Electric Dreams" so much, has a little something to do with the irrepressible sexual power of Phil Oakey. Oh my God, DREAM BOAT!

"One day all hair will be cut this way."

Wiki tells me that "Oakey was inspired to adopt a strange lopsided geometric hairstyle, shoulder length on one side and short on the other. As the Human League increased in prominence the hairstyle would became Oakey’s trademark. Between 1978-1979 with his unique hairstyle he maintained a masculine dress style and at one time wore a full beard." Mmm, beard.

Phillip is still singing for the Human League. He lives in an apartment in Sheffield with his girlfriend. He contributed to the Pet Shop Boy's new album, which increases his awesomeness 10 fold.

If I could take anyone to my 80's prom, Mr. Oakey, it would be you. You win this week's Mad Crush Monday!


Stef said...

that was a gorgeous haircut, lovely guy

Anonymous said...

Those luscious locks remind me of another lovely sort you might like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IAQPKds034

Jaimie said...


Anonymous said...

I know right!?

Vanessa said...

Oh wow, I just watched the video. Such lustrous locks!