Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Ode to Lost Loves

Dear Tyler from that L.A youth hostel,

I'm sorry I didn't find you before I went to Hawaii. You were my saviour. I was embarrassed. I hope you become a successful musician. Maybe you will write a song about me and your new love for cute Australian girls. You were lovely.


Dear Sigur Ros boy,

I wish I'd had enough courage to come and get that bootleg from you. You were adorable.


Dear Russian/ hot hair boy,

Red pants was a mistake. I still think you're cute.


Dear Strokes boy,

*Sigh* I miss you. You were a charming fantasy.


Dear Summer,

Fuck you for leaving me. I refuse to take Winter as a lover.


Dear amazing man in Tak Kee at Dickson tonight,

You walked in all amazing looking, smiled at me and then sat down to eat by yourself, content with your ipod for company. You are amazing. You practically winded me with your perfection. From that look you gave me, I think we both know where this is heading.

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