Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Thurston

I'm not going to pretend to be a crazy Sonic Youth fan. However, an advice column written by Thurston Moore in a teenage girls' magazine? Genius.

There's this guy that I really like. He tells everyone that he doesn't even like me as a friend, but when we're alone together we do things that are reserved for people who think of each other as more than friends. What do I do?
A friend, more, or less? Huntley, IL

The guy's a jerk. I know that won't discourage you from liking him, but he's got a major personality flaw: disrespecting you. Be careful of this kind of butthead, because his sleaze behavior may rub off on you, and then your life will become more and more hellish. Next time you're alone with him and he tries to get "friendly," tell him your friend Thurston Moore wants to kick his ass. And then tell him why.

Read it all here.

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Lindsay said...

This is really amazing.

By the way, I just wanted to say "hi." I've been a loyal, yet sheepish reader of your blog for a while now. Your references to the changing seasons confuse me, but I like them anyway.

- reader from Texas

Vanessa said...

Hi Lindsay, thanks for sticking with us! I can understand the confusion, Texas is a long way from Australia. Maybe just invert everything we say...

Nicola Moore said...

Yes yes yes yes.