Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cute Boys With Cats

I was doing my usual procrastination thing this evening of face-stalking anyone and everyone, when my exploits lead me to this diamond in the rough (in the rough, in the rough.... anyone get that Aladdin reference? No?).

Cute Boys With Cats is a Tumblr put together by some kind of genius who decided that "there is a serious shortage of pictures of cute boys with cats".

Agreed. And you genius lady, have made my week.

Oh my, this one has named his cat Pushkin! HE'S SO DREAMY!!!


LaLa said...

Oh my, that website makes my ovaries ping.

M + A said...

Never been cat fans but this is pretty rad. And cute. Also see It's a little delightful.

M + A

Kristen Eads Covington said...

I'm proud to say that one of these fine men is my husband. :)

Kristen Eads Covington said...

And apparently, one of these cats is my avatar. I forgot about that!