Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Beach Houses and Band Wagons

Photograph by Rune Guneriussen

It has come to my attention, gentle readers, that while we millionaires may be well versed in the vile art of male jewelry, we seem to be less and less in tune with new music. Whoops. In truth, I don't think I've even bought a single new release album all year. Not one. Not even Merriweather Post Pavilion. I just really didn't like the art work, okay?

Yes, I have well and truly fallen of the bandwagon, and am beginning to wonder how I ever even found the time to stay on it.

However, when I heard that Beach House had a new single out, I at least glanced briefly at that fateful wagon - far off in the distance though it was - and I liked what I saw. Or heard. Anyway...

I think Beach House's album of last year, Devotion, still probably gets the highest rotation of any CD in my collection. It's perfect for quiet, meditative nights alone, or for crafting (something I've been doing a LOT of lately, but more on that later - check out Quincey for some clues) or anything involving dim lights and muskily scented candles.

Their new tune, Norway, is more upbeat and jangly than most of Devotion, but still has that lovely lush quality that sends me into a dreamy haze. Just gorgeous.

Beach House - Norway

Beach House
- Astronaut (from Devotion)

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bee said...

I have never even heard of beach house so I am intrigued! Will listen most definitely. It's funny what WORK keeping up with music and other cultural stuff isn't it?! I mean, it's supposed to be fun, and it is, but it takes more than a fair bit of effort to stay in the loop. Those people that stay on top of everything are mystifying. How on earth do they do it?!