Monday, November 9, 2009

Rare but inexpensive

On Friday I went on a rare but expensive magazine splurge. I was about to go on a rare but expensive weekend getaway splurge, and figured that since I was going swimming, I might as well get well wet. And wet I got. In one of my purchases - the very pretty Fallen - I discovered an article about two Australian peeps who make artisan, semi uni-sex leather shoes and boots and sell them for apparently inexpensive prices (although I'm not sure how exactly such a lush magazine defines inexpensive. Any bids?)

They are called Illex Kinni, and they make me want to frolic in a mossy pine forrest wearing a flawless pair of black leather shoes.

Illex Kinni shoes can be found at Fat4 stores in Melbourne. Please save some for us poor isolated Canberra girls!

Post script: You can read about my rare but expensive weekend getaway splurge over at my new blog - Quincey.

1 comment:

bee said...

Hmm, they look intriguing... I like the unisex shoe idea. I recently twigged that the only way I am ever going to find a pair of well priced brogues is to buy boys ones. Having enormous feet at last proves to have its advantages!