Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lasso My Heart Already Prince

Hottie found via the Sartorialist

Dearest Prince Charming,

I've been thinking. Roses are really great and all that, but I'm pretty tops and when the time comes for you to woo me, I think I'm going to need something more than a few dead flowers. Don't get me wrong, I'm still expecting a dozen red roses on our first date (minimum), but when you're starting to wonder what you need to do to lasso this wild heart of mine consider this... Not just a bunch of roses, but an entire rose garden!!!

I found out today that you can sponsor a rose in the Old Parliament House Gardens. You get a plaque with a dedication and everything. Maybe you should check out this site for more information. I believe it would be acceptably romantic to propose to me next to my rose bush.

I do hope that you take this advice into consideration.

Your beautiful lady to be,



PS- If you are the hottie in this photo, I think it's about time you got in contact with me. A comment to this post will be seen as an acceptable way to initiate contact.


The Guy In The Photo said...

Wiked blog! But all tha roses r taken. Watz a guy to do?

Jaimie said...

That's an easy one to answer, dear guy. Create a new garden entirely dedicated to me. Problem solved.

I'm glad you like our blog.

The Guy In The Photo said...

LOL. Maybe I'll make a luv seat 4 u. Wiked blog!

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