Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jaimie & Vanessa: Spotlight on Gentlemanly Rogues

V: Ohh, that's good.
J: Mmm, that is good.

J: Hey Vanessa, I really like boys.

V: Yeah. I know. Me too...

J: Maybe we're boy crazy?

V: Probably.

J: I think about boys in tight jeans a lot.

V: Mmm, tight jeans are the best. But I also like tailored pants.

J: Like some kind of "gentleman" would wear?

V: Precisely.

J: Like Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind? Mmm, he's so fine.

V: Totally. Though he's a bit of a rogue.

J: Oh, he's a gentlemanly rogue!*

V: Ooo, I like that.

J: Yeah. They're like polite, charming, good-lookin' man whores.

V: Like James Bond? Or Eric from True Blood?

J: Mmm, or Mal from Firefly.

V: Awesome, space cowboy!

V: Yeah...I would have preferred one with a gun.
J: Oh Ness, he has a gun...

V: Where's Eric's photo?
J: Ness, I've posted a picture of Eric before.
V: But he's so hot he deserves more pictures. MORE ERIC.

J: Oh my god! BRUCE WILLIS!!!!!

V: Dude, what is your obsession with Bruce Willis?

J: Nicholas Cage...?

V: .....

J: Come on!
V: ...

J: Fine Vanessa. They're just flimsy crushes, I really want to marry Chuck Bass and his tailored pants.

V: You're not Blair, Jaimie.
J: Serena...?

V: Back on the bandwagon girlfriend. My dreamboat has to be Daniel Desario from Freaks and Geeks. So much love. Mmm, tight pants.

J: No pants.

V: Pants are for geeks.

J: You're a freak.

V: Look.At.Him.
J: I bet he caught it himself.
V: Totally. What a rogue.

*BAM! That's the title of our post!

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