Sunday, May 24, 2009

An Update and an Albert

ffffound on ffffound

If you're wondering why we haven't been round much lately, well, listen up 'cause I'm about to tell you why we haven't been round much lately.

Vanessa and Jaimie, my sisters in blogging, have recently moved into a lovely little cottage around the corner from my lovely little cottage. At this stage I believe they are without an internet connection, hence their silence on this subject. But stay tuned and watch this space, because they'll be getting one soon and I'm sure they have lots of fun to share.

And I have started a new job (yes, little old me, a job!), and thus sometimes tire of looking into a white screen and typing with my fingers. Plus I have just been, frankly, very lazy.

But fear not my sweets, for there is a veritable party bag of excellent posts in store for you. And I'm talking the best kind of party bag, the all bangers no mash type; filled with delicious (non-Homebrand, non-Black and Gold) delights, a fudgey, home cooked brownie wrapped in paper, and a novelty item far removed from the boring, flaccid balloons of yore. Oh, and stickers. A shit load of stickers. It's going to be one sweet, sweet, candy-coloured ride.

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