Monday, May 25, 2009

tea in bed

As Julia mentioned, Jaimie and I have indeed moved into a delightful little cottage recently and have not had any Internet (it has been VERY tough), but we do now and I have no more excuses not to post! Though this is kind of a lazy post...not much writing, all pictures!

What I'm loving ~

simple flowers on the mantelpiece

my great new (secondhand) sunglasses. A surprise gift from my sister

these seriously fantastic wedges, a secondhand treasure I found recently and now can't stop wearing!

ikea chair

honey on toast

rumpled sheets and tea in bed

All photos taken by moi, with the kind assistance of Nick's awesome camera...Watch out, I may steal it...

1 comment:

Toddette said...

This post made me want to:
1) eat honey toast
2) live in a cottage
3) visit your cottage!