Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ring a ding ding!

I've have recently been given the flattering and rather daunting task of designing and hand-illustrating the invitations (and RSVP cards and thank you cards and bridal shower invites) for a friend's wedding. The most exciting aspect of this whole process is the fact that it has given me the perfect excuse to indulge one of my greatest, and until now very secret, guilty pleasures: wedding blogs.

Oh yes, it's pathetically true. There is nothing the princess in me enjoys more than wading gleefully through a virtual ocean of taffeta, bouquets, veils, ridiculously flamboyant three story cakes and beautiful homemade wedding ideas. And to give you the benefit of my extensive 'research', I present to you some aspects of my dream wedding. If you are given to squirmishness, I recommend you look away now:

The dress:

Photograph by Ashley Garmon via Once Wed

The bouquet:

The cake:

photograph by Kirsten via Once Wed

The setting for the bridal waltz:

The photographs:

Photograph by Braedon Flynn
via Once Wed

I feel like I should follow this post up with a disclaimer that I, in no way, intend to be tying any knots soon. I simply have an objective appreciation for lovely stylish weddings, just as I have an objective appreciation for beautiful, rosy cheeked babies. And there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. NOTHING.

Anyway, I shall keep you posted on the invitation progress. I must say, I have a chaotic cacophony of brilliant ideas swimming around in my little head. Right now, though, I'm thinking: cream lace, stitching, rustic paper and delicate spring bulbs (it's a September wedding) with pops of yellow and white.


Toddette said...

I want to see pictures o pretty engagement rings..

Toddette said...

This is my ideal ring..