Monday, April 7, 2008

Sydney and stuff.

Oh my goodness, I'm in Sydney doing a course for work and i'm so excited i can hardly sit still, which is a little awkward as i'm currently sitting in an internet cafe.

I'm staying in a delightful hotel in Randwick (where they are hosting the course), we get $55 for each meal (!!!!), paid for the whole time we're here AND I get a highly regarded qualification for free! It's also restored my passion for the field i want to work in and really reinforced how important my role is in the lives of these kids. I really love my job! Life is really quite spectacular right now!

So yes, no V post yet. I'm away till Wednesday when i'll be getting back in time to have a trashy dance night with Pnau. Thursday expect a super-awesome-mega-post on V-fest, my new house, drunks, Pnau, homelessness and junkies. I've some stories i plan to post that will literally make your hair stand on it's end. As i said, i really love my job.

Now i'm going to try to get back to my hotel room with out being raped. Cross your fingers for me.


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