Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A hodgepodge of a post.

Okay, i'm back. My house is still internetless but i'm going to find ways to try and maintain this glorious space on the interweb. I'm currently wrapped in blankets with tissues on one side of me, delicious homemade honey, lemon and ginger tea on the other (thanks Julz), and although i'm gravely ill (influenza my dears), i'm ready to jump back on the blog-wagen.

So let's see... where did i leave off?

Okay, in a nutshell, V-fest was mediocre. My highlight was found in the crowd of middle-aged drunk women waiting for Duran Duran. As Vanessa and I waited for arguably the best. 80's. pop. band. ever., we were enteratined by a group of very friendly 40 plus-ers, one of whom told told tales of being 21 and kissing Simon Le Bon and another (who happened to be gorgeously camp) showed us how to make a V for V-fest by essentially pulling your undies really high up your arse. Graphic, but fun.

My new house is cold, but it's homely. We're having a house warming party in two weeks with the theme Tim Burton vs. Wes Anderson. It's going to be swell, you should all come.

On another note, i would totally do this girl...

And now for something completely different.

The other day i found a whole heap of old songs which i'd totally forgotten about. You may remember some of them...

I can't explain it but somehow this picture seemed an appropriate match for how i feel about this song.

Milkshake -Kelis

A dear friend of mine put this song on a mix for me several years ago and i only just recently re-discovered it. It's by a band named -M- and this is the only song of theirs i know. It's a french pop cover of Close to Me by the Cure, and it's really freaking good.

Close To Me - M-

This next song is a Neutral Milk Hotel rarity. It's pretty special. If you're fan and you've never heard it before it's well worth a listen.

Oh Sister -Neutral Milk Hotel

Oh my golly goodness this guy Mojib is incredible. Yes, these aren't 'old' songs, in that i've only recently discovered him, but they're freakin awesome and you should all love them. What an amazing remix of Staralfur! Go buy his stuff. I'm especially fond of his song 'Underneath'. It's like a string/beat explosion of joy in my brain.

Staralfur (Mojib Remix) -Sigur Ros

Underneath -Mojib

Sorry for today's scattered post. I plan to have much more structured posts from here on in. Promise.



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