Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nice Day for a Picnic (Part 1) or Adventures with Faun-Fiend Tom.

I have now officially been trying to post this mother fucker for the last week and a day. I really hate Blogger. So let's imagine it's last Wednesday afternoon. The sun is shinning, the weather is brisk and you're pretty happy with everything the afternoon has thrown at you. You're in the moment? Right, let's do this.

Wasn’t today just the most beautiful autumn day? Staying inside on such a magnificent day was simply unthinkable, so being the cool cats that we are, we went for a picnic. Lovely Julia baked for us, and then up into the pretty hills of Fadden we went.

Now, I was going to make this a serious post about Julia’s Nigella-esk culinary prowess, but narrating our picnic in picture form is way more fun. I’m passing the baton to Julz to post about how to make the food etc and to give you lovely readers some form of intellectual fodder, because you certainly aren’t about to get it from me…

From the photo up the top you can see us standing at the bottom of Julia’s driveway about to head off on our fun times picnic. I’m obviously too cool to be part of this picture and out of protest have turned my back on it. Now if you scan in closely…

... you’ll see Erin checking out my amazing pins, Katherine lopsidedly trying to do a Paris Hilton pout, Vanessa being somewhat offended by said pout, Tom giving Julia a greasy for not piggybacking him up the hill, and Diana setting the stage for the retardedness that is to come. Seriously though, you need to zoom in on this photo. It is just too funny.

So off we went to find our spot of picnicking heaven. Five minutes later we were drinking pomegranate juice, toasting our good fortune and settling down for some delicious food.

Food that tasted so amazing Katherine and Tom found it hard to keep in their mouths.

It could be said that we were all having a pretty great time.

Until the attack of the killer (awesomely delicious) passion fruit melting moments…

...when suddenly Tom went crazy and turned us all into…

...BUSH FAUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was all innocent fun at first...

...but there was something un-nerving about the look in Tom’s eyes (or mayhaps teeth?).

Katherine was first to fall victim to the insane faun-fiend Tom, closely followed by Diana.

He became unstoppable. Vanessa, myself and Pete soon fell victim to his crazed faun-adoring eyes.

Oh the joy it gave Faun-fiend Tom to see us with those cute furry ears!

Erin, being rather kinky, warmed to her inner faun which confused Faun-fiend Tom.

He got angry and even more confused…


So we decided to go home and drink tea.

But on the way home a miracle happened!

Tom managed to crap out his inner faun-fiend (which took the shape of a picnic rug), Katherine caught it ready to safely secure it in a plastic container, Vanessa rejoiced by laughing at his evident pain and Julia seemed strangely un-phased by the whole event.

This may have been because...

...she was in-fact the culprit! (Omg!) By making our food taste sooooooo amazing she single handedly drove Tom insane, making him try to convert us into ‘cute fauns’ because she thought we looked funny.

I’m on to you and your amazing food Julia….

Oh god. I have way too much time on my hands.


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