Sunday, April 6, 2008

Did someone say reality TV?

So I have realised that I have not posted for, well forever. I can't even remember what my last post was even about. Hmm, not noodles (i have eaten noodles, though not as nice as Julia's looked), not house (i wish), I guess it must have been good though (right? right).

As an escape from my many, many essays I have decided to recommend a book to you all. And when I say recommend I mean tell you about a book I just read that may or may not have been trashy.

The novel is OUT, by Natsuo Kirino and is about a group of four woman who work the night shift in a boxed lunch factory, one of them kills her husband and the others help her (for money) to dispose of the body by chopping it up. Everything that follows is how they deal with the event and how it changes them. They also manage to slight a casino owner/Japanese gang member/psycho and basically it all goes to shit after that. Like I said, may or may not be trashy, but I did really enjoy it. I choose to think of it as slightly less trashy because it is Japanese and therefore makes me feel like I am sampling the cultures of the world through the medium of literature and thereby gaining much knowledge.

Now I would like to share with you something that is most definately trashy, but so amazingly awesome. A TV show called "Ladette to Lady". Oh yes, ladette. to lady. Already sounds amazing, right? right.

I came across this gem of reality tv while I was flicking channels the other night after watching Harry Potter and avoiding my essay. I have to say, I could not believe my luck. The premise of the show appears to be; take a bunch of chav girls who like to drink a lot, sleep around and shake their fake titties and make them wear tweed while teaching them how to transform from a ladette (is this really a term people use? who cares, I plan to use it. a lot) to a lady. There are also pearls, cads and sexual etiquette classes (!) involved. best. TV show. ever? I'm starting to think so.


Julia said...


I also read a lot of borderline trashy Japanese novels in the hope that they'll make me look cultured. Also they generally have very pretty covers.

Vanessa said...

Oh yeah, that would have been helpful. Late on a Saturday night, around 10.00pm I believe.

On another note, that elephant picture is hilarious. Almost fell off my chair. Ha.