Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jaimie and Vanessa: Spotlight on VEGAN CHALLENGE

Vanessa: Some call us crazy. Some call us...

Katherine: Some call you fucking idiots

Jaimie: Katherine! You're not a millionaire, get outa here

Vanessa: But that's beside the point, we're here to talk to you about our Vegan Challenge week!

Jaimie: Yeah! Challenge!

Jaimie: Hey Ness, if we're going to be vegan for awhile, will we be like the Vegan Vixens?

The Vegan Vixens: a group of babes who use their bodies to coerce guys to become vegans AND stop dog fighting

Vanessa: Well clearly yes. Doesn't everyone turn into a babe when they go vegan?

Jaimie: Well actually, I have a secret confession to make...

Vanessa: What?

Jaimie: I have a crush on at least 5 vegan hipster babes

Vanessa: Who?! Can you even name 5 people who are vegans?

Jaimie: .....

Vanessa: Ha!

Jaimie: Well I imagine them to be babes, okay? Long hair, beard, over developed sense of righteousness...

Vanessa: Anyway, how are we actually going to do this?

Jaimie: Drink soy milk and shit?

Vanessa: Ugh

Jaimie: Okay, so for one week we're going to be inspired by vegan food blogs and all things healthy and environmentally sound. Maybe we'll go for two?!

Vanessa: ... Let's see how one goes

Jaimie: But we'll blog about it?

Vanessa: Of course!

Jaimie: We're going to need a lot of help

Vanessa: Mm, we'd be super grateful if people could send us their favourite vegan recipes and vegan food blogs!

Jaimie: Yes! Challenge commenced!!!! Let the soy be plentiful!


Anonymous said...

I have only been doing this since April, but some things I have already learnt:
-puff pastry from the supermarket freezer is your friend as it is most often vegan!!
-soy coffees are deluscious
-buy loads of nuts coz other snacks can be hard to come by
-cheeseless pizza doesn't really taste much different and is still super good
-all this time you've been baking with eggs and milk and then you realise you don't need to - you will feel like you've been living a lie (shakes fist at the sky)

Travis said...

I did the vegan challenge a couple years back - great fun, made me feel amazing to be honest.

Shopping is harrrrd! Say hello to your new enemy, Milk solids. Although it's all worth it when you find those gems whilst on the search.

For me, the biggest gem was doritos and salsa! Who'd a thought.

Julia said...

Jeez you guys, here I was feeling all chuffed with myself for doing vegetarian July, and you've got to one-up me with your veganism.

Sheesh. Anyways, this is one of my favourite recipes of all time, ever, and it just happens to be vegan:

Also, if I learned anything from living with two vegans for six months, it's that soy cheese and nutritional yeast masquerading as parmesan are not your friends. Good luck!

Jaimie said...

Puff pastry! Doritos and salsa! Tahini sauce!

Gems! You guys rock!

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