Monday, June 14, 2010

Get your zine on

Hey you guys!
Feeling sad that the long weekend is almost over? I know I am. Don't have a long weekend? That's balls. Well now you have something to look forward to, something to write in your diary and circle. Something to put into your iPhone as a reminder (does that exist on an iPhone? I don't have one). Something to tell your friends about so you appear hip and happening and maybe a little bit dangerous (not really, the only thing dangerous about paper is a paper cut. IN THE EYE! It happens).

Zine Fair! In Canberra! At CCAS! Come!

To my knowledge most of the stalls have been taken by eager zinesters, including (but not limited to) Sticky Institute all the way from Melbourne and local zine distro Little Beats. Which is great as that means CCAS will be overflowing with ziney goodness, so you should pop on by and check it out. I definitely will be (because I'll be helping out...but I would be there anyway! Promise).


Chloe Michele said...

Whhhyyyy Canberra? :(

Julia said...

Ooh, I'm pretty excited about this Ness, pretty damn excited. I actually almost feel a bit smug about being a Canberran today. It's a rare but scintillating sensation that I highly recommend.