Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby's got the blues

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I'm feeling pretty flat at the moment. Work is balls, I'm over uni, my cute boy radar is sitting on 80%, Dappled Cities cancelled tomorrow night... Life is a bit sucky.

Maybe it's mid winter blues, maybe it's mid-thesis blues. I don't know. I need some fail safe home recipes to beat the blues, asap. Anyone have any?



Lucie said...

Go down to the Kingston side of the lake on a sunny afternoon and find the seasonally confused blossom trees - as I walked past the other day the unmistakable smell of Spring lifted my spirits immeasurably!

Jaimie said...

That's a great idea!

There's blossom out in Dickson too. So strange.

Lauren Hewitt said...

sing Chicago's "just you and me" in the bathroom. I did this morning, and it made me smile! and then BF joined in!