Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carlos D is dead to me

Dear Carlos D, dark prince, no... dark emperor of my heart.

You had me at moustache. Well actually, you had me before your facial hair revolution. I have loved you since Turn on the Bright Lights. Really. You were one of my many adolescent loves. But what are you now? You've left Interpol in pursuit of "better things" and "new goals".

Bah! Rubbish!

You're like Voldemort.

Oh, my words hurt you? You feel bad for how you've ripped my heart from my chest?

Don't give me that look boy. This is all your doing.
I used to love how you held your bass. Now it just kind of looks stupid.

Maybe it's true.Your face tells me this site could be right. Maybe you do have herpes. It's the price you have to pay for hedonism, prick.

Oh, I just found this out about you;

"While attending NYU in 1998, he was approached by guitarist Daniel Kessler after a class the two had enrolled in. Kessler had been looking for musicians to play with and assumed Dengler to be one based on the clothes he wore, a style Kessler described as "similar to the way he's dressed now." From here.

My heart just warmed a little.

Oh who am I kidding. I love you, your grey hound and your Tom Selleck mo'.

Here's the new Interpol single
MP3: Lights

Be mine?


Nicola Moore said...

I wholeheartedly second this post!

Kitty said...

This is hilarious! He IS like volemort!

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure that's a whippet

Jaimie said...

I thought that too, but no, greyhound.

Anonymous said...

Really, but he's soo tiny and cute, maybe its an italian greyhound?