Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wes Ander-thon

My darlings,

Wes Anderson films are my favourite. I really adore them. The Royal Tenenbaums started this love affair. I remember walking out of the theatre absolutely elated. I contemplated taking up smoking, I wrote a series of unfinished screen plays and I may have used several different lines from the movie to people in real life. My favourite was, "Well, I think we're just going to have to be secretly in love with each other", though I've only used this particular line once (I think). As far as I can tell, people haven't noticed.

MP3: Judy is a Punk- The Ramones
MP3: Needle in the Hay- Elliott Smith
MP3: These Days- Nico

When reflecting on this particular obsession of mine, I think my favourite 'crazy' was when I added "Steve Zissou" as a top friend on Myspace. I changed my profile picture to one with me wearing a red beanie in a failed attempted to get in his "top 10"*. Thankfully this was a time before anyone I knew was on Myspace.


MP3: Rebel Rebel (Bowie cover)- Seu Jorge
MP3: Search and Destroy- The Stooges

Tonight is my last night of holidays. Balls. Though, I've ended it with an overnight drunk and what I've ingeniously dubbed a Wes Ander-thon. I've re-watched some of his films, listened to the film soundtracks and have concluded my Wes Ander-thon (and my holidays) rather spectacularly with "Fantastic Mr. Fox".

MP3: Let her Dance- Bobby Fuller Four
MP3: Heroes and Villains- The Beach Boys

It had all of the Wes Anderson toppings we love. A witty, off-beat script, a retro-cool soundtrack and once the film had concluded, you were left with that warm fuzzy feeling you get after learning something nice about the world.

I love you Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore).

I've had a really marvelous few weeks of holidays and I believe my Wes Ander-thon was the final ingredient for preparing me for a hectic year ahead. I highly recommend one, especially if you are experiencing general "life-blues".

If you're really feeling the love (and are just a wee bit loco), you can enjoy the entirety of the Life Aquatic script here. And I'll order you a red cap and a speedo.


*Unfortunately I deleted this photo.


bee said...

I like Rushmore. Really wish I could like the Royal Tenenbaums, which I do sort of like, but every time I've watched it I just got bored and wandered off to make cupcakes or something. The rest leave me pretty cold. Though I haven't seen Fantastic Mr Fox yet! Maybe I'll like that.

Lauren Hewitt said...

I love Wes Anderson. My favourite to date is definately 'Life Aquatic'. I thought Jason Schwartzman as the son in 'Fantastic Mr Fox' was pure genius! Although, I lament the wrongly held belief and advertising of this film as a kids film. Definately not for kids....
I don't find Wes's films cold, on the contrary, I find there is always an undercurrent of that yearning we all have for human contact and intimacy. Some of his characters find it, others don't...

Jaimie said...

Wasn't he great as the son! I completely agree with you Lauren, I don't think his films are cold either. I love the journey his characters take in pursuit of fulfilling the yearning you identified. I'm glad you liked the Life Aquatic too, I know a lot of people who consider it to be his weakest.