Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 pretty great things

1. Brian Ferry's amazing photographs of London on his blog the blue hour

2. Making lengthy lists of potential new years resolutions and marvelling at how virtuous I could be, if I really wanted to (very high on that list: blog more regularly).

3. Cucumber and orange juice. So refreshing. Soon I'll be making it from my own home grown cucumbers!

4. This cooler weather. Right now I'm drinking tea (hot tea!) and tomorrow I'm going to bake these pear and chocolate cup cakes.

5. Ladies who wear huge flowers in their hair. Especially hydrangeas. Number 12 on my new years resolutions list: wear more flowers in hair (image Emma Fremantle by via all the mountains)

6. Watching Seinfeld again. Classic.

7. The free DIYs and knitting patterns on Pickles. Especially this pom pom wreath. Totally all-year-round worthy.

8. Howl's Moving Castle. I'd forgotten how brilliantly enchanting it is.

9. Geraniums. I really do love them. They remind me of old ladies, Paris and the seventies combined (photo by our ultra-talented friend Nathan).

10. The Social Studio. We stumbled across this shop/space in Collingwood on our recent Melbourne trip. Young refugees recycle excess materials from the manufacturing industry and turn them in to unique, sometimes bizarre pieces of fashion. It's so inspiring when people manage turn our rampant consumerism into something empowering and socially and environmentally beneficial.

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