Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When the night turns cold.

I'm not sure where this image is from but i kind of love it.

I've had a strange night dear lovers. I've been pretty miserable for the majority of it. There was no reason for the onset of my melancholy, well, at least none that makes sense. I'm not sure if you ever find your self feeling down for no reason in particular, but i find it extremely frustrating and can't help thinking about people who have 'real' problems and that i should turn off the 'Jaimie show', get over myself and help them. Of course those of you who know what i'm talking about know that it doesn't quite work that way.

So i went about doing the usual things that are supposed to put you in a good mood. None worked. Frustrated i gave up and retreated to the safety of my bed, hoping for dreamless sleep. Sleep didn't come and as i lay there, growing hotter and more agitated, my hopeless melancholy slowly transformed into anger, then reflective stillness. It's not unlike the stillness you can reach after a violent cry. So calm, so refreshed.

You find me now writing to you at that strange time at night, where all the heat from the day suddenly shifts, and you feel as though you are the only person in the world. I love this feeling.

Here are a mix of songs that helped shift me from my black hole. If you need, maybe they can help dislodge you from yours too.

Three Days, Four Nights- Castanets

The Only Moment We're Alone- Explosions in the Sky (Peel Sessions)

Long Time- Deer Tick

The Lightness- Peter and the Wolf

Easier- Grizzly Bear

*Hopefully these Mp3's work. I've been having issues with our file host so have decided to try a new one. Let me know if there are issues...

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