Friday, January 9, 2009

My 2008 Favourite Dirty Pop Secret.

Much to my friends dismay, I am a dirty, dirty pop princess. I whore it up with hip-hop dance classes, I scream when a dirty pop secret comes on at a club, and roughly twice a year, I force my friends to come with me to Canberra's trashiest clubs and together we transform into top 40 trashbags.

This year I was blown out of the water by the revival of the queen of America's white trash. No dear readers, I'm not talking about Paris Hilton, I'm talking Princess Britney.

In 2007 when Vanessa, Julz and I saw Patrick Wolf cover 'Gimme More' at the Metro, i knew we'd be in for something special with this album. Patrick has his dear little fingers on the pulse of trashy-radness.

Britney Spears album 'Circus', has been chockablock full of catchy hit tunes. Between 'Gimme More', 'Womaniser' and now 'Circus', we've been force feed on a pop diet of blond hair and catchy synth riffs. Not to mention the fact she no longer looks like a whale and has either got herself a pretty funky wig or managed to grow back her hair.

Either way, Britney rocked it last year. And she is this pop-princesses favourite dirty pop secret.

Heh, awesome.

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