Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thunder Power and Ambivalence.

Thunder Power

We get sent a lot of MP3's from bands and promoters wanting us to hype the crap out of their group. Being the wonderful procrastinator i am, i try to listen to most of the stuff we're sent. And people, usually it's balls. Utter rubbish. Try to re-glue my eardrums together kind of crap. So when i found something i actually kind of like i got all excited and felt i needed to share it with you fine young cannibals.

Thunder Power are a 6 piece from Omaha. The lead singer sounds small and her vocals have been described as smokey, which cracks me up even though i know it probably shouldn't. Her voice is quite similar to Tracyanne Campbell's of Camera Obscura. They play soft indie-rock tunes, that honestly kind of verge on annoying (like so much 'twee' music), but get stuck in my head so badly that i find myself listening to them pretty much on repeat. They play happy, boppy music that you don't really have to concentrate on. I like them, even if my ambivalence doesn't exactly portray it.

Cover art and CD for Thunder Power's EP 'Love yourself'

Here are my two favourite songs from the EP;

Take a Hike
Imaginary Rules

Think of a mix of current popular twee outfits and you'll have a sound close to theirs. If you're into that sort of thing check them out here. Heh, their Myspace says they sound like 'kittens with wings and lightening fingers'. Way to be lame Thunder Power.

Meh, they go okay, but they are stellar if you're used to utter crap in your MP3 inbox. Please people, send me something good.

Yours with love,

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