Saturday, November 15, 2008

Love in all its various incarnations. Part (1)

Fetish 1: Picture by David Lynch, shoes by Christian Louboutin.

Sexual fetishism is defined by Wiki as the sexual attraction to, or arousal by, materials or objects that aren't commonly associated with sexuality. So basically, fetishism can be seen as anything that causes a person sexual arousal that is considered a little left of center.

A friend informed me that there's a fetish night at Cube this Saturday evening (oooh, tonight! ) which sparked my interest in the theme 'love' and what forms 'love' can take within our society. This is the first of several posts exploring this 'ideal' if you like.

According to my google search on fetishes, shoe fetishes appear to be most popular, or shall i rephrase, more socially accepted. Some other well known ones include amputee fetishism, leather fetishism, infantilism (sexual arousal through wearing diapers and be treated as an infant), and algolagnia (pain fetish). Some of my more obscure favourites include swim cap fetishism, vorarephilia (desire to be eaten), scatophilia (sexual arousal through involving feces), and then there's the good old wholesome fun of asphyxiophilia (arousal from self-strangulation). See this list of paraphilias for more arousing fun.

Fetish 5: Picture by David Lynch, shoes by Christian Louboutin

According to my old friend the DSM-IV, sexual fetishism, in all glorious forms, can be diagnosed as a clinical disorder if it causes the person experiencing it considerable distress and discomfort. Apparently these days people tend to embrace their specific fetish and there are clubs, stores and secret societies that help unite people in their unique eroticism.

I find the concept of fetishism liberating. I believe it's responsible for the idea that there are no longer many sexual taboos. So, what does that mean for us? Basically, we can have sex and be aroused however we like provided that it doesn't disturb the other people involved. How liberating is that? My feminist foresisters would be proud.

The Red Bubble's fetish section has some fabulous art works and what appears to be a fairly tight-nit fetish community if anyone is further intrigued...

Duck Tape by Bobby Bare on Red Bubble.

We live in a fascinatingly diverse world.

Shut Up (And Sleep With Me)- Sin With Sebastian

Love Song Number 7- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Tekno Love Song- CocoRosie

Human- Carpark North

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