Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baking melodies with Pikelet.

Pikelet (aka Evelyn Morris) by Lauren Bamford

To backtrack to my series of posts on Australian artists, this post will focus on lovely Pikelet.

Pikelet is a musical outfit fronted by the superbly talented Evelyn Morris.

As i couldn't find an enormous amount of information about Pikelet on the interweb, I'm going to imagine that when Pikelet needs flour (metaphorical or not) for her creative endeavours, she walks to the local supermarket that lies at the end of her Melbournian lane way (Pikelet lives in the outskirts of Melbourne). When she's sick she can't send anyone to get her eggs (as there are no other members in her band) , so she has to be very creative with how she gets her ingredients (or comes up with songs). And gosh golly, creative this fine lady is.

I would describe Pikelet as 1/3rd saccharine and sprinkles (not to far removed from the sounds of Decoder Ring and Goldfrapp), 1/3rd do-it-yourself wonder woman (as she is responsible for most of the instruments you hear on her tracks), and 1/3rd curious and mystical (because i'm getting lazy and her music can be a little 'crazy'). Combine these parts to create a perfect concoction of fluffy acoustic Lo-Fi . Mmm, delicious.

Learn more about this clever cookie here. She's one album to her name thus far and has toured with the likes of Camera Obscura , the Microphones and Sufjan Stevens (just to further wet your appetite).

Here's a lovely video of her performing one of her songs. It's gorgeous, sit through it.

And here's an MP3 for you to keep (buy the album here).

- Pikelet.

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