Monday, August 23, 2010

Mad Crush Monday: Tommy Lee Jones

I had a dream about Tommy Lee Jones last week. We met on a cowboys tour of west America in which we go to towns where famous western movies were shot, and play with real guns. I'm not sure if such tours exist, let's hope they do.

So, I was strolling along after gunning down all ten target people (in the dream the cut out target people could walk, cool huh?) and he came up to me and initiated conversation.

He complimented me on my excellent shooting skills and informed me of my radiant youthful beauty. I was pretty taken aback that he of all people was talking to me, let alone telling me that I was beautiful, but fear not. I played it cool. One thing led to another and before sunset he was declaring his undying love and devotion to me. Before we boarded our tour bus to go back to our hotel he proposed marriage. I accepted.

Then sadly, I awoke. It was a flipping sweet dream.

So dependable. Such a handsome cowboy.
Cowboys are fucking hot.

So knowledgeable. He's bursting with life experience.

The next day I happily trotted around thinking of Tommy Lee Jones. It was particularly strange as I hadn't seen anything with him in it since seeing No Country at the cinema. Never before have I found him attractive and the jury was still out until that evening when fate came a knocking. My housemate Nick (hi Nick!) decided to watch the Fugitive, a movie I'd never seen before. I'd told no one about my new love and then BAM! Done deal. Mad Crush Monday goes to Tommy Lee Jones.

He makes a babein' police officer.

He's just generally babein'.

Marry me for real?

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