Monday, August 30, 2010

Mad Crush Monday: A Bruce Willis Story

Yes thank you Bruce, I will have one ticket to the gun show

Approximately thirteen years ago I fell in love with a buff, buff man who promised to save me and the world. It may have been a little Freudian, but whateves, right?

You can count on me to be the last one standing Bruce.

I imagine Bruce to be a man of few words. Which is good. I think men talk too much these days. He communicates by blowing shit up. That's the sign of a real man.

When we meet, he'll be all, "I know this is a big decision, and I've thought hard about it. But Jaimie, I'm fairly sure that I'm meant to protect you via the magical bond that is romance."

Not. He'd be all yippee-ki-yay mother fucker, then ravage me. Hells yeah.

We'd got to all sorts of sweet gigs together.

And make really cute kids.

Bruce Willis, you are my Mad Crush Monday for lyfe.

Who's your Mad Crush Monday? Maybe I'll pinch him for next week.


Stef said...

Bruce Willis is definitely a good one. I also like Robert De Niro and Syd Barrett(too bad he's not alive anymore)

Jaimie said...

Oh my, Syd Barrett is a dream boat!

ummingbird said...

My mad-crush monday is Charlie Sheen. Embarrassing, no?

Lauren Hewitt said...

Josh Brolin... just sayin, watch an interview with that man, and you're gone. Oh, and Kevin Spacey... is there anyone cooler?

uselesslines said...

Mad Max era Mel Gibson. Before all the nastiness, with blue eyes and broad accent still intact. Ploughing through the desert in an awesome car. Oh yes.