Sunday, July 18, 2010

Snow Tea

Friends, for the last five days I've been holed up in an A-frame ski lodge with no phone reception, no computer, no internet and no television. I did little but play Balderdash and Black Bitch, drink schnapps over fresh snow, read muskily scented novels and on occasion, ski.

They were blissful times, innocent times but times which have situated me well and truly out of the loop. Now I'm back and have nothing to offer you but a recipe for tea:

Brew a pot of fairly weak black tea (I like Ceylon Orange Pekoe) and chuck in half a stick of cinnamon with the leaves. Brew for 3 minutes, or till it reaches its desired potency, and drink black in a Turkish tea glass, with a little sugar and some mint leaves.

Enjoy, forgive.


Anonymous said...

Lovely ladies, just a quick comment to let you know I ADORE you and I've added you to my blogroll xx

Vanessa said...

Hey Amy, thanks for the love.
I've been reading your blog too, Karl is adorable!