Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look, Listen, Learn

Look ~

Visit Paths to Abstraction at the AGNSW. It’s the only exhibition I’ve seen recently, but I loved it. Check out the mini exhibition of Australian female modernist printmakers in the foyer too.

Watch ~
Even if you don’t watch True Blood, Snoop Dogg is always ridiculous.
Oh Sookie, I won't trick you like Eric and make you drink blood.

Decorate ~
I want to create a picture collage in the style of my current favourite artist Barry McGee.

Barry McGee
Installation view at UCLA/Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
Mixed media, dimensions variable Photo by Robert Wedemeyer
Courtesy Deitch Projects, New York

Eat ~
Everything. Thesis side-effect.

Listen ~
I’ve been listening to loads of The Tallest Man on Earth and a little bit of Johnny Cash. I'm all about a country man, apparently.

The Tallest Man on Earth ~ Troubles Will Be Gone
Johnny Cash ~ Folsom Prison Blues

Read ~
I want to read this. Hurry up library!

Wear ~
You should wear these oxfords. Seriously, I want you to have them, they don’t fit me. Size 7.5. Email me!
Laugh ~
At Party Down. Do it now.

Wonder ~
I often wonder if I’m turning into Liz Lemon.

Go ~
I want to go to there.

Lesson ~

I’ve really got to stop watching so much TV and write something.

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