Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'll give you a whole lot of whoop-ass...

I have a bit of a ritual when I get home from work. 1) Relieve my self. 2) Take of my shoes and wiggle my toes. 3) Check my email. 4) Stalk people on Facebook. Today I got to stage 3 of my usual 4 phased afternoon plan, when I became so enraged I skipped stage 4 to go to the gym and beat up invisible people (aka, body combat).

What initiated this afternoon rage blackout? I'm glad you asked dear readers. It was an advertising email. The title read;

"Sounds like love. Give iPod this Valentine's Day."

No! Fuck you Apple!

Since when has Valentine's day been this commercial? "Hey hun, I'm pretty sure you love me, but I can't really be sure until you buy me a car..." That's what it'll come to you know. Ugh. What's wrong with surprise flowers? Or a romantic dinner? Oooh! What about a nice picnic? You could drink champagne AND enjoy a nice view. Mm, champagne.

This easily could have turned into a bitter rant, but no, I'm a better person than that (today anyway). Instead, I make all you lovely ladies (but mostly handsome gentlemen) this small plea; if you are thinking about doing something charming for your love interest this Valentine's day, choose romance, not ipod.

MP3: Lewis Takes Off His Shirt- Owen Pallett

(You could also make them an old fashioned love mix. I think that would be my Valentine's wish, just so you know handsome stranger. Oh, I'd like some roses too please.)

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