Monday, February 8, 2010

The 90s are back and apparently so am I

You know how sometimes you have conversations with your friends about how awful something is and then you go and do that exact thing?

Well, I was having a conversation the other day with my friend Sophie about how tragic it is that the 90s are back in fashion again. Terrible, terrible I said, whilst secretly knowing that I had already bought a pair of clogs. Oh yes, you read that right - clogs. I know, I know what is wrong with me? Trust me, I've heard it all before from Garance. But I caved.

They are really great though...

If you want to love clogs too (come on!) you can get your very own from Swedish Hasbeens (like mine) or Funkis do nice ones as well. And if you one of the more affluent members of our readership (not sure if that exists) Celine and Chanel could be for you.


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I am definitely pro-clog.