Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Old at 22

I never thought I would feel old and decrepit at 22, but I do. And it is all thanks to this girl, who I found on Hel Looks.

Tuulia, 11
"I like lolita style, because it's beautiful. I discovered it at Moon Kana's gig.
Now I'm wearing a shirt and shoes from China, a skirt made by my mother's friend and a headdress that I bought at a rock festival in China.
My mother has found many lolita-inspired clothes for me. I've also customized my clothes. Here at Ofelia I got an idea to make jewellery from old playing cards."

Not only does she have a great name (I imagine it to be pronounced like Julia, but with a T), but she is 11 years old! Her personal style is not my style, but the fact that she has so much style and intelligence about fashion at such a young age blows my mind. I'm fairly sure that when I was 11 I was still wearing my favourite stirrup pants with a turtleneck jumper and some kind of jelly sandal, or my Mum's favourite cat patterned jumpsuit. My sister and I had matching pink, black and green, floral patterned jumpsuits with pictures of cats on them, complete with googly eyes. I wish I was joking.

I also felt a little old and decrepit over the weekend, as the mud and the rain and the cold at Meredith Festival did dampen (haha) my enjoyment a little. Gumboots, however, are my new heroes, I do not know what I would have done without them. So waterproof, so mud resistant, so much fun to stomp around in, so rubbery...officially run out of things to say about the mighty gumboot. I wish mine had been as awesome as these, instead of boring black.

Sorry to have been so neglectful recently readers and thank you for staying with us, I promise lots more posts from now on!

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