Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marriage (Star Slinger Remix)

Fuck me, this is awesome:

Gold Panda's Lucky Shiner was one of my favourite releases of last year. I'm still not entirely sold on this whole dub step business, but following Gang Gang Dance's new album and this remix, I'm feeling a whole lot warmer about the whole thing.

The stunning clip of the remix by Star Slinger was composed by visual artist Anze Sekelj and photographer Lucijan Kranjc, who as a team go by the name "How Do I Computer".

It's so beautiful. I've been trying to think up a good analogy for the clip to convince you to watch it, but I'm not clever enough to do it justice. So, just watch it. Or you be a fool.

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Anonymous said...

This song is brilliant. Just seen star slinger live at bestival and highly recommend it to anyone that likes him.