Monday, March 15, 2010

Massive ATTACK!

Heh, that title was fun to write.

On a much more serious note, has anyone listened to Heligoland yet? It's pretty tits. Like Jessica Alba tits, not weird alien Madonna tits. Eww.

Things I know about Massive Attack;
  • I like to think that I grew up listening to Massive Attack
  • As an angsty, angsty teen I was convinced that the song "Protection" was written about me (that would have been fucking cool)
  • Massive Attack in 2003 was my second ever concert
  • Inertia Creeps is one of my favourite songs of all time
  • I would be a lesbian for Liz Fraser
  • Band member 3D used to 'paint' with Banksy
  • My housemate Nick thinks that '3D' is a pretty crap name
  • Vanessa isn't really into 'trip hop'
Oh, did I mention that I'm going to see them again THIS FRIDAY (the 19th) AT THE ROYAL THEATER IN CANBERRA. Stoked! What I'm not so stoked about is that my friends are all too lame to come with me. So, I'm going alone. All independent woman like. Unless! Oh. my. god. I have an idea. Massive Attack are high lords of cool, I'm super flipping cool, you're reading this blog so you must be pretty cool, YOU SHOULD COME WITH ME!!!!!

In case you needed any sort of motivation other than being my hot date for the night, check out this video....

See you Friday

(Ticket info here....)

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