Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So I have a new blog crush, Taghrid. I only discovered this blog today, so it may be a fleeting crush, but we'll see. She is giving me the much needed inspiration I am missing. Desperately missing actually.

Have you got any blog crushes you would like to share? I love new reasons to waste time!


Toddette said...

Hey Girls
I need style related advice
I REALLY want a retro style desk phone like this
(one that works of course)
Any ideas where I might find one in Canberra?

Vanessa said...

Well Toddette (if that's really your name...),
I would suggest either the Canberra Antiques Centre or Down Memory Lane. They would be the first places I would go.
Otherwise, if you have the time trawl some op-shops, you never know your luck.
Finally, ebay.
Hope that helps!

Ellen said...

I'm loving this little gem at the moment:

Also spending quite a bit of time here:

Anonymous said...

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